Face the products problems with courage-Topsflo sets a new standard of DC pump industry


Yesterday, there came the waves of cheers from Topsflo. After three consecutive months of technical research, a new generation of low-noise & high pressure DC brush electric diaphragm pump success launched finally. Topsflo researchers said excitedly:” The noise of this batch produced brush high pressure DC electric diaphragm pump is lower than 55 dB, which is at least 15% quieter than other similar products of this industry. Once again, we went to the front of this industry.

In early July, Topsflo received a customer inquiry from the United States. This customer has a long-term purchasing needs for high pressure spraying mini gas pump, which is used for aroma diffuser machine, essential oils diffuser machine, etc. These machines are mainly used in beauty salon, hospital, family, and other places. But this customer required to reduce the mini air pump’s noise as much as possible, especially batch noise keep stable level. After a preliminary communication, Topsflo and other several excellent domestic micro pump manufacturers all sent some DC brush high pressure electric diaphragm pumps to the customer for test. The final test results for the other several specializing micro pump manufacturer's samples were the noise all substantially at around 65dB ± 5dB. But the noise for Topsflo’s brush DC high pressure electric diaphragm pump was 60 ± 5dB, and the lowest noise was 54dB, at the same time, the product’s quality was very good and service in time also active. So, this customer continued to communicate with Topsflo, and hopes Topsflo can further optimize the existing products to make the overall product’s noise stable in lower than 55dB. Topsflo, as a professional manufacturer whose goal is to build the world-class micro-pump brand, customer’s demand is the company’s pursuit. Then Topsflo immediately organized a research team which is composed of technical elite to put into the new low-noise DC brush high pressure electric diaphragm pump’s research.

During the first two months of research and development, with the R & D team’s numerous of patiently & repeated test, and checked out large amounts of product data for repeated analysis, still only can control the overall noise at 59dB. There was a certain gap from 55dB of customer’s requirement. Research work faced enormous challenges, but at that time, the technical elites did not give up, they began looking for new ideas. One day, one technical elite of taijiquan lover suggested to make some of the essence of shadowboxing into the product design, this idea had been unanimously in favor of other members of the research team. Act without delay, eventually, with the advantages of innovative product design and high quality of raw materials & technology, Topsflo successfully developed a new type low-noise high pressure DC brush electric diaphragm pump which is industry-leading and can be mass production. After the customer’s tested, the products had been highly recognized and praised by customer.

A series of excellent characteristics of this new type high pressure DC brush electric diaphragm pump not only make the new products been widely concerned in the industry, but also let Topsflo more confident for the future market development of micro pump. The General Manager of Topsflo Richard Wang said: Topsflo relying on technological innovation and precision manufacturing. We have formed the core competitiveness in aspects of new product development and integrated product quality assurance. We gained the consistent high praise of this industry, and our market share rising is the speedest one on this DC micro pump field.

For Topsflo, the honor belongs to the past, success is always in front. The future road is farther, longer, and more challenging. The future Topsflo will be stronger and stronger in the competition basis on it’s spirit also high requirement to himself.