Welcome USA client visit: quietest noise 52dB standard setted for high pressure aroma diffuser air pump


Today is the appointed day TOPSFLO meeting with USA specializing aroma diffuser client, through 3months comprehensive discussion and the dc mini air pump real device test approval, client are very happy with the pump general performance:

Model: TM40-B12-P22011

 (TM: means Topsflo membrane air pump, B: motor type, P: means pressure air pump)

Max Air Pressure:  220Kpa

Max Air Flow:  11L/min

Besides, client feedback noise is very important, and bring the device to our factory have a locale test and get the clear standard as: this aroma diffuser machine belong to a kind of health care device will be near usage to the people, so hope when the diffuser work people can hear only the air flow sound but not the motor noise.

Basis on factory real test and client explanation, to achieve client’s above standard, the noise approval standard is getting clear and setted should be 52dB, this is the best ideal one to meet.

As membrane air pump normal noise standard of this high pressure model is 60+/-5dB, this really a challenge noise standard.

How to achieve and offer a satisfied solution ? Topsflo engineer team, G.M. Mr Wang & structure designe engineer Mr He & Motor Engineer Mr Yuan & Quality Control Engineer Mr Wang & sales manager discussed with clients immediately and suggested the improvement way and measures will be done as:

1.      further improve the mould precision

2.      further improve the inner balance block precision from original 0.02mm to 0.01mm.

3.      improve to use the consistency performance better motor, especially taken the inner more smooth bearing, to reach the batch production 100% in stable noise

4.      selected to produce 1000pcs pump first for client to meet the urgently needs, due to present standard pump part of them can meet 52dB, but most part with a littler higher noise than this.

As above improvement direction and measures taken will be, both Topsflo and client are in confident to offer the satisfied pump to reach the standard, to offer the quietest pump to meet “only air flow sound but not motor noise”. All the improvement measures confirmed will be executed at the first time and offer the new samples in 2 weeks.

Thanks for client this visit, and through face to face discussion, through diffuser real test and judgement, we more clear in deep understand the pump detail requirement, how it can match with the spraying device in good, and get the clear ideas how to further improvement to offer a satisfied solution and future batch quality noise control.

Topsflo is a specializing manufacturer on micro, mini air/gas pump, micro,mini DC water pump, we with strong technical team aim to offer a satisfied solution or customization pump according to clients real needs, if you have any requirements or questions on the pump industry application, can e-mail or call us for a detail discussion, or for a solution <E-mail address: sales@topsflo.com, Tel:0086-731-82739266>. Of course, we’ll strictly keep client name, company name, or any sensitive information in secret not open, or ask clients permission in first.