TOPSFLO Workshop 2:3 main features to guarantee the pump high quality



1, Apply advanced PVC anti-static electricity floor, approved by the national professional anti-static electricity institution, and anti-static electricity level meets the national standard <1X106Ω;

2, 40X40CM high-density conductive copper foil layout in all workshops, far beyond the industry  standard 1MX1M, with features of excellent conductivity and no uncovered corners;

3, Adopt German Henkel professional anti-static adhesive, which comply to DIN53276 standard, electrostatic level 3X105Ω, far exceeding the national standard.

PVC anti-static floor also has excellent moisture resistance: no absorbent, impermeable, no deformation.

Clean and dust-proof
The whole workshop adopts fresh air cleaning system, purifying air and removing dust, thus good air quality can be guaranteed.

TOPSFLO aims to producing the most high-end micro pumps, by equipping with above mentioned high-standard configuration, production workshop can guarantee that all supplied pumps are without any damage caused by static electricity, and can be used safely in the long term.