How to choose a zero cold water DC circulating pump? TOPSFLO engineers tell you three core elements.


How to choose a zero cold water DC circulating pump? TOPSFLO engineers tell you three core elements.
In 2020, traditional major appliances will decline ,but the categories of health and comfort will increase sharply. The advantage that Zero cold water heaters provide quick access to hot water and it has become the most popular product in the water heater market.
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According to data from Aowei Cloud Network, the offline penetration rate of zero-cold water heaters has exceeded 30%, and the on-site penetration rate has exceeded 20%. The popularity is increasing day by day.
Facing this trend, many manufacturers have launched “zero cold water DC circulating pumps". Products with uneven quality have temporarily brought difficulties to the selection of manufacturers.
The main principle of the zero-cold water water heater is to use the built-in DC circulating pump to preheat the cold water section in the hot water pipe in advance, so that there is no need to discharge residual cold water first, and it can be heated immediately.
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How to choose a zero-cold water DC circulating pump to achieve the best matching effect? TOPSFLO pump engineers give you the following suggestions:
1.Try to choose a DC circulating pump with large flow and strong power to easily realize circulating pressure
If the user’s house size is large, the water pipe is too long, it will cause the circulation pipe distance to be too long, or the water pressure of high-level users is unstable, and the water pressure is small at the peak of water consumption. These will cause the zero cold water circulation speed to be too slow, requiring users to take a long time to wait.
TOPSLO Zero cold water DC circulating pump C06, D01, fully enclosed impeller design, speed 6200 rpm, strong power, drive hot water volume increased by more than 50%, head 12M, can meet 120 meters long pipeline.
2.Choose a circulating booster pump with intelligently matched, which is more worry-free and energy-saving
The DC circulating pump can be customized with a temperature sensing output function, By sensing the temperature range to control the pump start to avoid 24-hour standby operation and more energy saving. Customized 5V/PWM speed control function, according to the size of the water pressure, to achieve the best efficiency work.
3.Try to choose a manufacturer that focuses on DC circulating pumps for a long time
With the popularity of zero-cold water heaters, some enterprises that produce AC pumps have also launched "zero-cold water DC circulating pumps." However, the zero-cold water DC circulating pump has high requirements for electronic R&D technology and production environment, and traditional AC pump manufacturers are still stuck in the traditional manufacturing R&D, production and control. Whether it is static control or electronic control, it is possible There are many risks.

TOPS Industry and Technology Co.,LTD (TOPSFLO). has focused on micro brushless DC pumps for 16 years. It has a group of professional electronics/structure/mold/fluid engineers and a professional ESD anti-static workshop. From research and development to production control, the quality of the DC circulating pump is guaranteed "zero defect".

As the leader of China's micro DC circulating water pump industry, TOPSFLO Pumps has more than ten years of industry experience in water heater circulating booster pumps. According to customer requirements, we can provide customized solutions to achieve the best matching of the DC circulating pump and the zero-cold water heater system.