Topsflo and Israeli advanced technology work together to strengthen joint innovation


1 Create a cross-industry joint innovation mode
In may 2019, the purchasing manager and product engineer of world-renowned Israeli  digital printing company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific and listed on NASDAQ in 2005 visited Topsflo. The technical director, Asia division director and senior account manager of Topsflo warmly received the customers.
As the leading brand of micro DC pump in China, Topsflo Industry and Technology Co., LTD has been focusing on micro DC pumps for 15 years and exporting to the high-end market in Europe and America. With the high quality of products, innovative technologies, especially the excellent comprehensive solution capability and perfect service system, Topsflo pumps are favored by the middle and high-end overseas markets.
Israeli industrial printing enterprises, relying on the world's most advanced research and development level, firmly occupy the absolute leading position in technology, and the printers are widely used by the world's famous enterprises.
This joint effort is to carry out in-depth technical exchanges and develop suitable micro pumps for printing industry. It also means that Topsflo will re-layout the west Asian market, cooperate with the most advanced technology in the world, create a deep cooperation mode in the industry, and jointly develop high-end micro-pump for printing. Topsflo's overseas brand awareness combined with Israel’s strong research and development technologies will definitely ignite the micro-pump industry.


2 Promote printer micro pump solutions
During the visiting at Topsflo’s production line, the technical director presented that Topsflo has been certified by Germany Rhine IATF16949, and introduced the 16949 system into all aspects of raw materials, R&D, production and quality control, which has been highly recognized by the Israeli customers.
During the discussion at meeting room, Topsflo presented its goals, visions and values to customers, especially the goals to provide customers with stable, reliable and safe fluid solutions, which has been highly recognized by customers as well.
The price of digital printer for this Israeli customer is up to USD800,000/unit, and each printer use 8-15pcs micro pumps, the liquid is water-based ink, with relatively complex working environment, and the maintenance cost is huge. 
Limited by the cost, lead time and customized services of other international brand pumps they used, Israeli customers took Topsflo micro pumps for verification test. After one year real testing, the performance and noise of the Topsflo pump were verified to the same level as that of the international renowned brand pump.
It is worth mentioning that Topsflo has been engaged in high-end brushless DC micro pumps for 15 years, and has rich experience in serving high-end customers around the world. Topsflo insist on importing raw materials, and no any second-hand materials used. Electronic components are all from well-known international brands, which can ensure the super high quality of products from the source.
This joint development & cooperation will be helpful for both parties to give full play to the resource and technology advantages in their respective industries, promote solutions of printer micro pump and the common growth of both parties.
3 Consolidate its influence in the west Asian and overseas market
Located in western Asia, Israel is a small country with an area of only 25,700 square kilometers and a population of about 8.71 million, occupy about one thousandth of the world's population. But this country in small population and geography is the world's "superpower" of innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing 20% of the world's Nobel Prize winners. The number of innovative enterprises per ca-pita ranks first in the world, and the number of NASDAQ listed enterprises is only behind that of the United States and China, exceeding the total number of all European enterprises. It enjoys the reputation of "silicon valley in the Middle East" and "start-up country".
Israeli digital printing customer, with a global background of engineers team, research and development technologies. Through in-depth communication with the customer, both sides have reached to a deep intention of cooperation, and will keep continuously technical exchanges in the future, jointly develop micro pumps suitable for printing industry. It also marks that Topsflo will learn from international first-class scientific research and cooperate with Israel's advanced R&D level to create a cross-industry joint innovation.
In the future, Topsflo will strengthen technical exchanges with Israel, select excellent technicians to study new technologies in Israel, experience the innovative atmosphere and concept of Israel in an immersive way, improve self-innovation ability, and bring more high-quality and reliable products and services to customers.
This in-depth innovation between Topsflo and Israeli digital printing company will further improve Topsflo’s leading advantage in the research of micro-pump industry. Relying on the leading position of the Israeli customers in west Asian, Topsflo will further expand the west Asian market, serve for high-quality technology enterprises in west Asia and the Middle East, and consolidate its influence in the west Asian and overseas market.
Topsflo will always insist on innovation as the driving force, keep communication and cooperation with the world's excellent enterprises, provide customers with reliable, stable and safe fluid solutions, and create a century’s micro pump brand.