TOPSFLO introduces intellectual property management system to promote scientific and technological innovation and development


On July 1, 2021, TOPS Industry and Technology Co.,LTD (TOPSFLO) launched the launching ceremony and training meeting for the introduction of the intellectual property management system. The kick-off meeting TOPSFLO Pumps hired the intellectual property management system audit teacher of Changsha Weisheng Yunding Intellectual Property Agency, an intellectual property service organization with patent agency qualifications approved and registered by the State Intellectual Property Office, to provide professional guidance. After the training meeting, in-depth investigations on intellectual property rights were conducted in various departments, which signified that TOPSFLO pumps officially introduced the intellectual property management system to promote the development of scientific and technological innovation.

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TOPSFLO has always adhered to the concept of “leading the progress and breakthroughs of the micro dc water pump industry with technological innovation”, and the establishment of a complete intellectual property management system will not only help to play the guiding role of the intellectual property system in the company’s innovation, strengthen independent innovation capabilities, and achieve Scientific management of intellectual property rights; it also helps to strengthen the company's intellectual property creation, use, management and protection capabilities in the highly competitive market environment of the micro pump industry, and enhance the company's market competitiveness.

In this training, Mr. Deng made an in-depth interpretation of the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" and the requirements, main content, purpose and significance of the introduction of the intellectual property system implementation standards, so that every TOPSFLO member participating in the training can clearly understand the company The importance of intellectual property management is to jointly promote the establishment of a complete set of intellectual property management systems, management methods, work systems, and work procedures for the company to regulate various intellectual property activities of the company and ensure the company’s future purchases of raw materials and equipment, and products. Manufacturing and processing, product R&D and technology improvement, marketing and participation, technology and product import and export trade and other production and operation activities involving intellectual property factors are in a state of control, forming the company's continuous and stable system. Standardize intellectual property management capabilities.

TOPSFLO also expressed its importance to the introduction of the intellectual property management system with active cooperation. In order to implement the system introduction and ensure the smooth progress of related work, the company specially organized representatives of various departments to establish an intellectual property system introduction committee for training and learning. The members not only showed a positive attitude towards learning in this training, but also actively asked the teachers on the spot to solve related problems encountered in daily work.

Through this training, the heads of various departments of the TOPSFLO said that they have more knowledge about intellectual property management and believe that they can effectively prevent infringements and reduce the company’s operational risks in future work; they can better protect their own rights and interests. , Strengthen the protection of its own intellectual property rights and improve its competitiveness. In the future, the company will also gradually increase investment in intellectual property training, and conduct targeted training for department managers and intellectual property-related personnel at various positions, which will greatly improve the awareness of intellectual property rights among employees at all levels, and promote the company's continuous and stable systematization and standardization. The development of intellectual property management capabilities.

The enterprise spirit of TOPSFLO is "focus on sticking to this field, learn actively, innovate continuously, and achieve excellence". Under the guidance of this enterprise spirit and the system of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards", TOPSFLO pump will actively introduce intellectual property rights. Management system, strengthen the scientific management and application protection of the company’s intellectual property rights, prevent and control intellectual property risks, lay a solid foundation for improving product market competitiveness, strive to promote the standardized management of intellectual property rights, promote scientific and technological innovation and development, and provide core driving force for the company’s development .