TOPSFLO Organized APQP Training to Further Consolidate the Enterprise Quality Control


On July 16, 2021, TOPSFLO Industry & Technology Co., ltd (Micro Brushless DC Pump & Motor) organized a quarterly APQP training session. The meeting was given by Mr. You, a R&D manager with many years of product development experience in TOPSFLO, and Mr. Sun, who is a motor expert with more than 20 years of research and development experience. The participants in the training include R & D engineers, Quality engineers, Pre-sale engineers, SQE, Purchaser, and Production-related personnel.

APQP, means Advanced Product Quality Planning, which is one of the five major tools of IATF 16949. It is a way to control the product process from development to mass production. It is also an effective tool that can improve the design success rate and shorten the development time which can effectively control the overtime risk in the development process, the hidden risk of product quality, the low risk of quality capacity in mass production, etc.

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump 12V

As a rare enterprise approved by TUV Rheinland IATF 16949 certification in the domestic micro water pump industry, TOPSFLO continuously runs APQP under the guidance of this quality system for a long time. To enable all employees, especially new employees, to reach a better consensus on the system which can better understand and effectively carry out the work, TOPSFLO specially takes APQP training as a regular training meeting every quarter, letting our staff of each post be strict themselves with the highest international standards. To ensure the implementation of strict control in each stage of project approval, development, small batch trial production to mass production, let our customers have no worries here.

In this training, The two excellent DC brushless centrifugal pump engineers first explained how to systematically defend the possible risks of future customers on the basis of how to realize their design requirements in a controllable time, and how to link it to CC, FMEA, DV, CP, drawings, SIP, SOP etc. Then, they introduced how to check the quality level of mass production, how to check the speed of mass production and how to eliminate the influence of measurement system. They started from a deep understanding of customer demand and up to how to improve the product quality. At the same time, combined with easy and practical examples step by step. From the purpose, consciousness, effectiveness and other aspects to make everyone more clear about the work of their post in the project. Strictly control the quality of each stage to protect the interests of customers from multi-angles and all-round aspects, and serve customers wholeheartedly.

At the end of the training, we designed a special Q&A session. Two engineers answered the difficulties and doubts encountered by all departments in the previous stage of work to make the quality control awareness of all departments more clearer and further strengthen the implementation of system standardized and process management. TOPSFLO has always believed that only standardized and process management can make the enterprise realize high efficiency, so that all departments can control the quality and time node in development and finally achieve high quality of mass production products. Through this operation, we hope to find and focus on some real failure points. By customer-oriented, we can dedicate more time and effort to overcome these failures, promote the strength of product quality of TOPSFLO in the DC mini pump industry and further improve the overall core competitiveness of TOPSFLO.

The whole IAFT16949 system operates within the enterprise, APQP as a core part, highly matched with the pursuit of TOPSFLO to create core value for customers, prevent risks and create the products that customers really demand. The continuous APQP training and learning can not only promote the standardization, process and systematization of quality control. This training can more promote the TOPSFLO to go more and more firm and continuous improvement on the road of " let our customers have no worries" and "To ensure the best quality of TOPSFLO each pump".