TOPSFLO joins hands with COMAi to promote the upgrade of the smart toilet industry (1)


Recently, TOPSFLO Pump Industry has continued to increase orders for smart toilet booster pumps provided by COMAi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. TOPSFLO Pump Industry has paid a return visit to COMAi customers. The customer talked about: Smart toilets equipped with TOPSFLO booster pumps are sold on the market. It solves the industry problem of “the area with low water pressure is not enough to flush and cannot be flushed cleanly” of the smart toilet, and brings a cleaner and more water-saving experience. The consumer response is very good. The company is currently increasing the series of smart toilets. Production of toilets.

As a leader in the domestic high-end micro pump industry, TOPSFLO pump industry is the first company in the domestic micro pump field to pass the ISO 9001/IATF:16949 dual certification of TÜV Rheinland. The company has been practicing the research and development concept of "continuously surpassing itself, leading the progress and breakthroughs of the micro pump industry with technological innovation", and in order to better help global smart toilet consumers to improve their experience and increase the coverage of smart toilets, TOPSFLO and COMAi smart technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COMAi) has joined forces, and the two parties have carried out gradient and systematic upgrades on the problems of the smart toilet industry.

In response to customer needs, TOPSFLO provides efficient solutions for them
In recent years, with the popularization of smart toilets, the industry problems of smart toilets have gradually become clear. In some high-floor and low-pressure areas, the problem of "insufficient flushing and unclean flushing" is likely to occur. Faced with such industry problems, In order to optimize the flushing effect of the smart toilet and truly solve the pain points of consumers. In 2017, TOPSFLO was invited to participate in the development and design of the COMAi shell series smart toilet.
After understanding the actual needs of customers, TOPSFLO provided COMAi with a DC pump C04 dedicated to smart toilets. This booster pump can solve the problem of insufficient flushing force and poor flushing effect of smart toilets. On this basis TOPSFLO technical team actively participates in the design of COMAi smart toilet internal piping in order to match the pump and the smart toilet more closely and achieve the best performance output. TOPSFLO engineers have visited COMAi headquarters many times to conduct face-to-face discussions with COMAi engineers on technical difficulties. TOPSFLO The technical team also fully supported and provided COMAi with more than a dozen piping design drafts. In the end, the intelligent toilet booster pump provided by TOPSFLO for COMAi successfully passed various tests and verifications.

The combination of strong and strong strength creates brand power
The TL-C04 optimized and upgraded by TOPSFLO for the COMAi shell series is a booster pump dedicated to smart toilets. It can achieve a fast start-up of 0.1s, and the start-up time is more than 5 times longer than that of the same parameter products in the industry. It can achieve instant large-flow flushing of the smart toilet. To avoid flow loss to the greatest extent, on the basis of optimizing the flushing effect, water saving and environmental protection can also be achieved.
Based on the advantages of the TOPSFLO booster pump, the COMAi shell series smart toilet achieves an ultra-low water pressure flushing effect of 0.08Mpa, which solves the problem of low water pressure flushing on high floors and old communities. Without fear of water pressure, the high-efficiency flushing power can not only overcome the industry's flushing problem, but also greatly enhance the user's experience. This industry breakthrough has brought remarkable achievements to COMAi.

Work together to open a new era of smart toilets
With the improvement of people's living standards and consumption power, the popularity of smart toilets in the family is also increasing. The combination of TOPSFLO and COMAi this time will further open the consumer market for smart toilets. TOPSFLO has also expanded from supporting the shell series smart toilets to the filial piety series smart toilets. In the future, TOPSFLO will also strengthen its cooperation with COMAi as COMAi The new product research and development of smart toilets, technological upgrading, and better support are provided. Both parties will continue to create more humane and more technological new products to provide consumers with diversified choices.
On the way to focus on miniature brushless DC pumps, TOPSFLO will continue to work hard, continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "focus on sticking to this field, active learning, continuous innovation, and achieve excellence", and is committed to providing professional pump solutions for different industries. Improve products, continue to innovate, and provide customers with high-quality and efficient services.