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Topsflo tour to Xiangxi go into the mysterious ancient city, go into the most real heart, return to the original simplicity, never forget the beginning

FDA certificate Coffee Machine pump

Topsflo High-End Pump for High Quality Coffee Machine 1.High temperature endured food grade raw materials 2.long life, multiple control and protection functions 3.High performance while low noise 4.Quality guaranteed, worry-free after-sales

Automotive pump

TOPSFLO Compact, high efficiency DC Pumps Popular among Automotive Clients As a leading manufacturer of micro DC brushless centrifugal pumpin China, TOPSFLO invests a lot in research and development of new products for automotive indus

Topsflo dc water Pump

Welcome Netherland Customer to visit Topsflo Congratulation to Topsflo DC Pump sales value reaches an new-highs. Topsflo Pump won more well-known international customers favor and recognition since their c


Advantages of TOPSFLO new type TS5 home brewing & solar pump TS5 water pump is a type of Topsflo independent R&D brushless centrifugal DC pumps, hot sell in all over the world. This pump can be widely used in the industri

micro DC brushless centrifugal pump

TOPSFLO-- to help you build smart kitchen TOPS INDUSTRY & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., as a domestic micro DC brushless centrifugal pump industry pioneer brand, with decades of research and development experiences R & D elite team, included top professional structure engineers, electric engineers, motor

dc pump,mini pump ,brushless pump,12v water pump TL-B10

Brushless DC Pump TL-B10 SERIES Brushless DC Pump TL-B10 SERIES Applications(Water dispenser, Water Coolers),Carbonation, Coffee Maker, Beverage Dispenser,Air-conditioner Drain,Home Appliance )


PC world liquid cooling solution, TOPSFLO tiny cooling pump TL-A02 for both CPU & GPU cooling Main reasons for clients to choose TOPSFLO TL-A02 pump are: 1. Super low noise : Every gamer should enjoy gaming on a silent PC with high FPS and low temps, the pump can’t hear any noise when running in a quiet room. 2. Very small size: 48*33&42mm,can b


Topsflo "Not One Less" outdoor activities The afternoon of May 13th, a beautiful sunny day. In order to improve the team cooperation ability, enhance team cohesion, promote team growth, Topsflo factory


Topsflo comprehensively promote IATF16949 automotive quality management system The new version of the IATF16949:2016 standard combines the current major automotive manufacturers increasingly stringent quality requirements for parts suppliers, also new increased or redefined some terms, in accordance with the PDCA rules, combines the

Brushless DC Water Dispenser Pump

Welcome Latvia Water Dispenser Customer to Visit our company Water Dispenser Pump, Due to the good material, low noise, economic and long lifetime feature, Topsflo’s TL-B03 pump popularly used in food industry’s water circulation


Month Celebration Meeting -- rich cultural life, help team building In order to make a better combination of work and life, and to create the most comfortable and humanized working envi

TOPSFLO Food Grade FDA Certificated

TOPSFLO Mini Pump Food Grade FDA Certificated Topsflo have been making unremitting efforts in improving products quality at high international standard, it is not simply a slogans but positive action we ha


Congratulations on Topsflo won “THE BEAUTY OF MADE IN CHINA ” Award In the “ 2016 The beauty of made in China” yearly contest, our TD5 Home Brewing Pump won the finalist among the machine and accessories industry. The contest is co-hosted by China Industrial Design Association, Southern Weekend and Made-in-China, which is

Brushless DC Automotive Electronic Pump

TOPSFLO Brushless DC Automotive Electronic Pump 1, High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor; Durable permanent magnetic rotor & high density ceramic shaft 2, Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without leakage forever 3, Replacing position sensor by micro processor position calculation, m

Raw Milk Vending Machine Geer Pump

TOPSFLO Magnetic Geer Pump for Raw Milk Vending Machine FDA certificated,all wetted material is food grade, which is very suit for the raw milk vending industry for health and safety requirement.

TOPSFLO wish you Happy Birthday

Happy work, earnest life. We did it! Thanks to the company for organizing these events,Further enhanced the cohesion of TOPSFLO staff, “Happy work, earnest life.”We did it! we also believe that with TOPSFLO people’s continuously joint efforts and ongoing improvement, finally we will manage t

topsflo topsflow

TOPSFLO Sales Team exceeded the 2nd Quarter Target Rewarding the collective provincial travel Rewarding the collective provincial travel Climbing or making a career not only needs tackling tough spirit, but also unite work . For an enterprise, a good se

high-end micro pump

2016 Topsflo AutumnTourist to Meijiang Topsflo people’s continuously joint efforts and ongoing improvement, finally we will manage to realize our company aim “to be the leadership of high-end micro pump”. Let us strive to do it together !

high-end micro pump

Topsflo adhere “all staff participation”, implement the ISO9001 policy entirely Topsflo is a strict ISO9001: 2008 certified enterprise, the passing of this certification means that Topsflo has reached the international standard in the integration of the management system, and indicates they can continuously and steadily provide custo

topsflo brushless DC pump

Topsflo Fourth Outward Bound This is the positive energy of Topsflo, surely every cooperated clients and suppliers will have deep feeling about this. We also looking forward to establish further or new cooperate relationship with you.

 brushless DC pump

Brushless DC Magnetic Pump VS Traditional Brush Pump Advantages compared with brush motor: Low noise: The noise can be as low as 25dB. Leak-tightness Long life span Low vibration

water heater boost pump

TOPSFLO- Water heater heat pump solution specialist TOPSFLO TL-B10, C01 Electric water heater boost pump, Instant water heater boost pump. Now most of water heater manufacturer had changed to use the DC brushless water pump instead of the traditional AC pump, especially Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam etc. So

sous vide cooker pump

Topsflo specialized water pump for sous vide cooker 1. All wetted materials are FDA approved to be safety usage 2. Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal, without any leakage forever 3. Heavy duty work, can sustain continuous 24hours work 4. Sustain high temperature 105 centigrade submersi


Topsflo corporation propaganda 4th Aug, 2016, Topsflo image propaganda film project finally officially started after 3 months preparation. The video aims at to better show Topsflo product, r

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