How to Choose Brushless DC Mini Water Pump


Many clients have a lot of questions when choosing a Brushless DC Mini Water Pump for the first time, or they have chosen a pump, but it is not particularly compatible with their own equipment. How to choose a suitable brushless DC pump? It is recommended you pay attention to the following points:

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1. Firstly, to confirm the voltage and current
You can just select the same voltage as the power supply mode of the equipment. The mainstream brushless DC pumps are 12V and 24V. Of course, there will be 36V, 48V and other models;

2. Secondly, to confirm the pumping medium
When choosing a pump, our clients should fully consider the medium of the pumping liquid. Whether there are any impurities, what’s the viscosity of the liquid, whether it is corrosive, and what’s the temperature of the liquid, including the environment temperature during working and the temperature of the liquid. It is recommended that when you’re choosing, you can consult the brushless DC pump manufacturer if there are any relevant cases, you can find a case which is close to your own equipment, and then choose carefully after comparison.

3. Thirdly, confirm the lifetime requirements of the pump and other technical requirements

When considering the lifetime of the pump, it is necessary to clarify whether the pump needs to work continuously or intermittently, and the sales engineer of the pump will recommend it after calculation.

4. Fourthly, confirm the max water head and flow rate of the pump
The max water head of the pump usually refers to the object where the water no longer flows when the water is pumped to the static head. If you want to pump to a certain height and at the same time maintain a certain flow rate, it is recommended to choose a pump with a higher water head.

5. Fifthly, confirm the size and port of the Brushless DC Mini Water Pump
Firstly to confirm the size of the pump or the pump space reserved in the equipment, and then consider the inlet & the outlet port should be threaded or a barbed connector. And then, to confirm the direction of the inlet and outlet, and the size of the pipe diameter;

6. Sixthly,to confirm the functional requirements of the Brushless DC Mini Water Pump, such as pressure control, flow control, PWM/FG speed control and other customized requirements.
Brushless DC pump is the core component of the equipment. For its long-term reliability, it is recommended that you refer to the above points. The brushless DC pump is composed of electronics/motor and structure. It is particularly important to choose a professional manufacturer with R&D capabilities, production capabilities, quality control capabilities, and customized service capabilities. TOPSFLO Pumps has focused on miniature brush less DC pumps for more than 16 years, has its own property right factory, a national laboratory which meets the national CNAS certification standards, and a group of engineers with 20 years of research and development experience.

If you have any questions about choosing a brushless DC pump, you can leave a message below or contact us directly. TOPSFLO professional team of sales engineers can provide you with professional services.

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