DC Water Cooling System Pump for Graphic Cards


As computer technology more and more development, it’s going along people’s life everywhere, a computer with strong process ability can work continuous 24hours is necessary at many times, such as machine control, detected, games playing, date analysis, etc.

Under this way, how a computer can work in safe no damage, no overheat problem? the traditional air cooling is no longer enough to refresh the hottest part of a graphic card, insteading the Water Cooling become the most efficient solution to refresh those extreme hot parts (processor, Voltage Regulator…), temperature reaching easily 100°C. And a good quality DC Circulation Pump is the way to reach.

TOPSFLO specializing DC Water Cooling System Pump for Graphic Cards / Computer features as follows:
1. TL-B10H-A/B12-0703 (≤105℃):  12V, Max Flow 7L/Min, Max Head 3M.   
2. TDC(≤85℃):  12V, Max Flow 6L/Min, Max Head 2.7M.    
Both pump with SCM can special customize with functions of RPM signal, PWM frequency speed control or 5V speed control  And TDC pump is the similar performance one as DDC which from USA have the lowest noise ≤28dB.

Following are the pump link for more reference:

TL-B10:  http://www.topsflo.com/brushless-dc-pump/brushless-dc-pump.html

TDC:  http://www.topsflo.com/special-pumps/tdc.html