TOPSFLO smart toilet pump appears at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, leading the new trend of the industry


On May 26, 2021, the global high-end micropump brand TOPSFLO will debut at the 2021 Shanghai International Kitchen and Bath Exhibition.
At this grand international exhibition, TOPSFLO, which has 16 years of experience in miniature brushless DC pumps, brought you a variety of innovative products in the kitchen and bathroom industry, including smart toilet booster pumps, smart toilet skirt flush pumps, and smart Toilet body flushing pumps, etc., focused on showing TOPSFLO's innovative achievements in the smart toilet industry in recent years.

At this exhibition, TOPSFLO's key smart toilet pump launched a new era of smart toilet pumps with the revolutionary breakthrough technology of "large water pressure, zero waiting, and zero worry".
The TOPSFLO smart toilet booster pump TL-C04 solves the pain points of traditional toilets that are limited by water pressure. It helps the smart toilet to start with a water pressure as low as 0.08Mpa. Limit, truly realize the installation freedom of the smart toilet!
In addition to the star product TL-C04, TOPSFLO also exhibited smart toilet skirt flushing pump TL-B10, smart toilet body flushing pump TL-B03, TL-A02 and other series of boutique water pumps to meet the various flushing needs of smart toilets.

smart toilet booster

On the first day of the exhibition, visitors from the TOPSFLO exhibition hall gathered. Engineers from well-known brands in the sanitary ware industry such as Roca, Kohler and Geberit visited the TOPSFLO exhibition hall to discuss cutting-edge technologies in the smart toilet pump industry with TOPSFLO engineers.
Booster pumps have been commonly installed in smart toilets of internationally renowned brands to solve water pressure problems. In the future, the installation of booster pumps in smart toilets will also become an industry trend, and TOPSFLO’s research in the field of smart toilet booster pumps has exceeded 6 Years, has many years of industry experience and technology accumulation. TOPSFLO engineers gave very professional suggestions and solutions when facing specific problems encountered by customers on site, and were highly praised and recognized by customers.

After in-depth communication, many customers expressed strong interest and needs to us, and hope to visit TOPSFLO for on-site inspection and factory inspection in person. TOPSFLO also issued further invitations to many high-quality customers, looking forward to working with more smart toilet customers.
During the exhibition, Roca, a century-old European brand that has been cooperating with TOPSFLO for many years, and COMAi, a leader in the smart toilet segment, also appointed engineers to visit the TOPSFLO exhibition site to discuss the industry's cutting-edge trends and new project requirements with TOPSFLO engineers.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the West Malaysia exhibition focused on the high-end smart toilet "Shell" series. This product uses the TOPSFLO TL-C04 smart toilet booster pump. From 2019, West Malaysia Shell Since the launch of the series, it has been providing stable products and technical support for West Malaysia.
The 4-day exhibition ended successfully, and many well-known brands in the industry have gained cooperation intentions at this exhibition.
This is also the first time that TOPSFLO, which has been deeply involved in the high-end markets in Europe and America for 16 years, officially appeared at the domestic kitchen and bathroom exhibition. In the future, we will also actively participate in domestic exhibitions and industry activities to bring more cutting-edge water pump products and services to domestic smart toilet customers.