New Breakthrough in Medical Equipment Area in 2016


 With the stable development of Russian economical situation, and Russian government wantonly encourage Industry Manufacture, more and more Russian factories are starting find China suppliers to make cooperation for industry production in 2016. Thus, TOSFLO welcomed the visiting of Russian new project of Medical Area. This is a new friendly cooperation between Topsflo and Russian company in this new year. 

 Topsflo with developing business for Medical Equipment cooperated Diaphragm Pump for long time. Regarding Topsflo experience, the TM brushless Series Air pump with good feedback from lots of customers, the mainly features of this Series with: Long lifetime, High pressure, Enough vacuum and stable flow rate. They can meet most of customers’ standard and requirement.

This time, Russian customer has choosen Topsflo TF series Diaphragm Liquid pump, mainly tested three long lifetime brushless item: TF30D-C, TF30D-D and TF30B-H. After the test, TF30D-C12-W101will be the best suitable item of this project. Medical equipment with lots kind of facility, the common ones with relative to TOPSFLO pumps such as: Blood analyzer, Gas analyzer, Negative pressure therapy apparatus, Beauty skin machine etc. This time with project for washing machine for clean the medical instruments. This area with manual operation one previously, it will take time and with not obvious disinfection effect. The new auto disinfection plant will improve the efficiency and speed obviously. This facility with required the max flow rate of 0.8-1L/min, the liquid with 2% solution of glutaraldehyde, it will with little aggressive solution, no doubt it with quality requirement of the pump’s raw material of the membranes and valves.

The medical equipment always with the newest technology, the competition is stiff. Regarding the high requirement and standard to the pump, forces the pump with higher price than the normal pumps. TOPSFLO always with strictly standard of the pump’s quality and performance since the high requirement of our customer’s standard.

At present, there have lots kind of disinfection plant in all over the world, but the operating principle is similar to each other. Considering Topsflo still didn’t develop this market comprehensive, TOPSFLO also want to learn more about this area through this time visiting of Russian customer, Topsflo do want to realize the work principle of this kind of equipment better and better. Topsflo will try to develop full series of disinfectant liquid pump to satisfy with all kinds of customers’ requirement.

There with lots of attempt and endeavor at the beginning of any new industry area, TOPSFLO believe that with all staffs unremitting efforts, they will get new breakthrough in Medical Equipment Area in 2016