Long life and low noise, zero impurities, high reliability, low defect rate, low heat generation and low maintenanceare key factors to consider when selecting pumps for medical equipment. With a reputation for reliability and quiet operation, TOPSFLO products are found in all types of equipment designed to monitor, sterilize, diagnose and analyze. Other applications assist in healing, promote patient's comfort and support life itself.

Our expertise in this industry is long and extensive, as evidenced by the substantial list of applications we service. Our willingness to work as partners to solve a problem and our ability to customize a product to fit particular requirements are fundamental to their satisfaction. And the trust they place in the reliability of our products is well-founded.


Medical Device Pump

Medical Water Pump  
Medical Device Pump C01-E Medical Beauty Pump C01-B   Medical Water Pump B10-B10
Medical Gas Pump TM40A-B Medical Vacuum Pump TMD40A-A   Medical Liquid Pump TF30A-C

Typical Applications:

  • ·Medical diagnosis and treatment equipment system
  • ·Medical beauty
  • ·Hydrogen oxygen machine,
  • ·Medical beauty physiotherapy equipment
  • ·Dental sterilization equipment
  • ·Medicine incubatort
  • ·Genetic testing equipment
  • ·Dental Vacuum mixers
  • ·Medical detectors
  • ·In vitro diagnostic instruments
  • ·Biomedical analyzer
  • ·Immunoassay analyzer
  • ·Air mattresses
  • ·Wound therapy
  • ·Aspirators
  • ·Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) treatment
  • ·Blood analyzers
  • ·Dental Vacuum mixers
  • ·Blood pressure monitors
  • ·Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitors
  • ·Dental carts
  • ·CO2 monitors
  • ·Dialysis machines
  • ·Respiration monitors
  • ·Gas monitoring
  • ·Blood filtering equipment
  • ·Nitrogen generators
  • ·Oxygen concentrators
  • ·Oxygen concentrators
  • ·Sterilization equipment
  • ·Respirators (ventilators)
  • ·Surgery cooling system
  • ·Clinical chemistry analysis

 Automotive & Mobile

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