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Energy Storage Coolant Pump

The energy storage system has a large number of batteries, large battery capacity and power, and requires effective battery thermal management. Otherwise, it may lead to a decline in battery charge and discharge performance, capacity, and life, or even lead to thermal runaway, resulting in safety accidents.
The energy storage liquid cooling scheme needs to drive the liquid in the pipeline to circulate through the electronic water pump, take away the performance of the excess heat of the battery system, and achieve the best working temperature conditions of the battery pack. Therefore, the electronic water pump, as the core component of liquid cooling, is very important.

Battery cooling water pump TL-B10 Series main features: high efficiency, good cooling effect, and a life span of more than >20,000 hours. It can be equipped with intelligent speed regulation and signal feedback, so that the system has no worries.

EV charger cables cooling pump


Typical Applications:

  • ·Home backup energy storage
  • ·Household energy storage (ESS)
  • ·Battery Thermal Management Cooling
  • ·Energy Battery Coolling
  • ·Rechargeable home battery
  • ·Solar energy storage
  • ·Power backup system

Home backup energy storage pump case


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